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Successfully implemented campaign “Ambulance to the Special Hospital for Lung Diseases in Surdulica due to COVID – 19”

/ Vranje, October 12, 2020 / The Human Rights Committee of Vranje successfully implemented a campaign to collect aid for the Special Hospital for Lung Diseases Surdulica. The crowdfunding campaign was realized on the Donacije.rs platform in partnership with the Special Hospital in Surdulica and with the support of the Catalyst Foundation.

In the period of two months of the campaign, funds in the amount of 393,137.00 RSD were collected. The funds are intended for the purchase of additional medical equipment necessary for the care of COVID patients who are accommodated in the Special Hospital in Surdulica. 11 oximeters, 11 non-contact thermometers, 30 digital thermometers and one ECG device were purchased.

From the beginning of July 2020, the Special Hospital for Pulmonary Hospitals Surdulica received an order from the Government of Serbia to function as a COVID hospital, so they started accepting patients infected with the corona virus in Surdilica, as there was no more capacity in Vranje, says Dr. Slavisa Kostic , hospital director. The hospital pointed out to us the specific needs for equipment that they currently did not have enough for all COVID patients, whose number was increasing sharply.

After the end of the second wave of the pandemic, the Special Hospital in Surdulica was returned to regular operation, and at the beginning of November 2020, it will now partially enter the COVID system with reduced capacity. The donation of citizens comes at the right time, there is great support for doctors, especially in these cold days of November, when the epidemic of the coronavirus virus again places a large number of infected patients in hospital rooms.

We had a great incentive for this humanitarian action from the Group 484 and the Norwegian Embassy, ​​which doubled each donation to the total amount of 120,000 RSD.