The special hospital for lung diseases, which is in the Covid system in the south of Serbia, needs help from patients infected with the corona virus from the south of Serbia.
By the decision of the Ministry of Health from June 29, 2020, the Special Hospital for Lung Diseases in Surdulica entered the system of COVID hospitals, where 63 patients are accommodated to date. This is the fifth Covid hospital in seven municipalities of the Pčinja district (four are within the Medical Center in Vranje).
In this emergency situation, the special hospital, in addition to the existing medical equipment at its disposal, lacks the equipment for emergency treatment of an increasing number of patients with the coronavirus, because there are requests for accommodation of new patients every day. This equipment will be purposefully used in the COVID hospital and will contribute to more efficient treatment of covid patients, but also to the maintenance of safe work and treatment of uninfected patients.
The medical team for the entire hospital in Surdulica consists of 9 specialist doctors, four of whom are engaged in the Covid department, which the local health workers find increasingly difficult to bear due to the growing number of patients and the lack of equipment.

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